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Boys for Pele [1996]

1 :: Beauty Queen
2 :: Blood Roses
3 :: Father Lucifer
4 :: Professional Widow
5 :: Mr. Zebra
6 :: Marianne
7 :: Caught A Lite Sneeze
8 :: Muhammed My Friend
9 :: Hey Jupiter
10 :: Way Down
11 :: Little Amsterdam
12 :: Talula
13 :: Not The Red Baron
14 :: Agent Orange
15 :: Doughnut Song
16 :: In The Spring Time of His Voodoo
17 :: Putting the Damage On
18 :: Twinkle

Date: January 23, 1996
Length: 70:09 minutes
Genre: ROCK
Category: Rock/Pop


Tori Amos: Clavichord, Harmonium, Harpsichord, Keyboards, Organ, Vocals
Sammy Berfect: Choir, Chorus
Black Dyke Mills Band: Brass
Steve Caton: Guitar, Guitar (12 String), Guitar (Electric), Mandolin
Mino Cinelu: Percussion
Alan Friedman: Drum Programming
Manu Katche: Drums
Craig Klein: Sousaphone
Darryl Lewis: Choir, Chorus
Mark Mullins: Trombone
George Porter, Jr.: Bass
Sinfonia of London Orchestra: Strings
Mark Sterling: Choir, Chorus
Marcel VanLimbeek: Bells
James Watson: Trumpet

Production Credits
Jim Albert: Assistant Engineer
Tori Amos: Main Performer, Producer
Bob Clearmountain: Mixing
Rupert Coulson: Assistant Engineer
Paddy Cramsie: Design
Ryan Freeland: Mixing Assistant
Mark Hawley: Engineer, Mixing
Julie Larson: Project Coordinator
Bob Ludwig: Mastering
Robinson Mills: Assistant Engineer
Mark Mullins: Horn Arrangements
Cindy Palmano: Photography
Rail Jon Rogut: Mixing Assistant
John Philip Shenale: Arranger
Scott Smalley: Conductor, Orchestration
Marcel VanLimbeek: Engineer, Mixing
Rob Van Tuin: Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
James Watson: Conductor
Peter Willison: Director
John Witherspoon: Project Director

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