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Written by Aaron Lewicki

Tori Amos started off playing the piano at the tender age of two. She was a brilliant child, and always curious. She would learn to play by ear. Picking up anything she heard to what her older brother and sister were playing. When Tori was five, she could play anything on the piano, after only hearing it once! She was accepted to the Peabody Conservatory of Music. She was the youngest student ever accepted.

At the academy, the teachers forced her to learn to read music, while Tori prefered to play it as it came to her. At the age of 10 Tori was kicked out of the school. The teachers did not like her ways of playing the piano.

Tori began to play clubs when she was only 13. In 1980 Tori released her first single "Baltimore". For her song she was given a citation from the Mayor of Baltimore. In 1983 she went to San Francisco to record a demo tape. She realized her talent for singing while on this trip. She turned her focus away from the piano, and concentrated on singing.

In 1987 Tori signed with Atlantic Records to record her first album. The album was a failure.

Tori went to England to play clubs for a while. She loved it in England and the fans loved Tori. When she finally released her album in the US, the fans loved it, but most thought of her as British.

Tori announced she was pregnant on the later part of the Pele tour. She miscarried after only three months. However, this inspired her lyrics on the latest albums. "The songs started coming not long after I miscarried. The strange thing is, the love doesn't go away for this being that you've carried. You can't go back to being the person you were before you carried life. And yet you're not a mother, either, and you still are connected to a force, a being. And I was trying to find ways to keep that communication going. Along the way on the search, sort of walking with the undead, I would run into these songs. The one thing they kept saying to me was I had to find a deep woman's rhythm. You begin to create where you can. If you can't create physical life, you find a life force. If that's in music, that's in music. I started to find this deep, primitive rhythm, and I started to move to it. And I held hands with sorrow, and I danced with her, and we giggled a bit. And this record really became about being alive enough to feel things, no matter what that is," says Tori.
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Tori has a unique style of music that has matured over the years, but non-the-less still has that edge to it. She can create different moods and feelings with her songs. Joy is one of those feelings. So on this final note, enjoy Tori here on AbsoluteDivas.com!

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