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Written by Aaron Lewicki

Melissa Auf Der Maur was born on March 17, in Montreal. She was the daughter of Nick Auf Der Maur and Linda Gaboriau.

She started off her music career playing bass in small bar bands and with bands at small local venues. She played in a band called Tinker. Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins was the one who recommended that Melissa try out for the open part in the band Hole. After the tragic death of the former hole bass player, Melissa got the part. She was new to the sounds of Hole, but quickly picked up the tunes. She was learning so quickly and her first show was infront of 60,000 people. After the show, the band knew she was the right one for the part. They toured for two more years, and with great success.

It wasn't all fun and games for Melissa though. Before she had joined Hole, she had to make a lot of tough choices and make a lot of sacrifices. She would have to choose giving up her family, her boyfriend, her home in Montreal, and her final year in University. The choice wasn't easy. But we can be greatful that she took the tough route, as all her hard work and sacrifices have come back to reward her greatly.

Her first official recording with the band was when they recorded Celebrity Skin. Melissa took well to Hole and could really help with bringing new styles and sounds to the group. Melissa's joining the band has made Hole a more versatile group. With such unique and creative ideas, she has helped Hole maintain such a big success all over North America.

In October of 1999, Melissa decided to leave Hole in order to start a solo career, however after another few months she joined up with The Smashing Pumpkins, who had ironically lost their bass player just earlier in the year. Melissa's first album with the band, Machines of God. The new sound is something fans will be sure to enjoy. Melissa Auf Der Maur is finally being honoured on our site as one of the greatest divas ever! Way to go Melissa!

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