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Written by Aaron Lewicki

Breaking into the metal scene this year, and making headlines all over North America are Kittie. The 4-piece band from London, Ontario have taken the country by storm. Being one of the first all female bands in recent years to be so successful after releasing only one album, the band has drawn the attention of sold-out shows everywhere.

"I'm not up there singing, 'Hit me baby, one more time!' We're a lot more mature than that," states Morgan Lander.(vocals) The band released 'Spit', their debut album in 1999. "A lot of guys don't want a bunch of little girls to get in the way of their music," states Fallon. "That song's about someone telling you that they love you so much, and they put you up on a pedestal and make you feel great, then they turn around and say screw you." The band has toured with big names such as "Sevendust" and "Slipknot". The foursome of divas really break through into some territory never really being touched by females, and that is the heavy rock or metal industry. Generally dominated by men, the young women break through and leave the gates open for other females who perhaps aspire to be in a band themselves, to follow in the footsteps of Kittie.

The band are pavers of new roads, setting them aside from other bands is their dedication and their perfectionism. They truly are a quartet of divas that deserve to be recognized for their achievements as women in a man's world.

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