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Written by Aaron Lewicki

Fiona Apple released her debut album "Tidal" in 1996. She was 18 when she released the album and the lyrics and song meanings would show that she had the ideas and the soul of a mature adult, and was stuck in an 18 year-olds body. Fiona is a very grown up person for her age. With a strong voice and an open mind she is just getting started in the music industry and already her debut album has left fans and the media to wonder what talent this young lady will come out with next.

Fiona is known for her strong voice and for her talent on the piano. "It wasn't that I didn't think I had a nice voice, but I consider myself more a writer," Fiona says. "I played piano since I was about 8, and always wrote songs. I sang them because it wouldn't make sense for anyone else to,"

"This is something I think I've always wanted to do but didn't say aloud. I wouldn't admit it to myself, because admitting it meant making myself vulnerable to the possibility that it might not happen, and that thought was unbearable. I didn't want to make a move until I knew it was the right thing," Fiona says. "And I wasn't sure until about a year ago."

Fiona grew up with her mother and father. Her father was an actor, and her mom was a dancer, singer, cook, and a fitness instructor. Fiona's mother was a big influence on her while she was growing up.

When Fiona was older she went to LA to spend more time with her father, and to get her high school diploma. While in LA she also recorded a demo of a few songs she had written. With these demo tapes complete, her goal was to try and get her dream of being a big success in the music industry off the ground. For Christmas that year she returned to New York City to be with her family for the holidays. She brought along with her a few of her demo tapes. She gave a tape to one of her friends. It just happened that the friend baby-sat for a producer and manager of a big record company Andrew Slater. The friend gave the tape to him to listen to. He liked the tape and contacted Fiona saying that he wanted to meet and discuss a possible record deal. Fiona agreed and the two met up. Soon after they signed a record deal.

However before they could start, Fiona wanted more time to write more songs. She thought that her collection of songs that she had were not all record quality. "Songs ...

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... don't just pour out, so I pressured myself to write," Fiona says. "I'd write two songs a week, and I don't know how I managed it because every time I write a song I don't think I'll be able to write another ever again."

When she felt the songs were worthy of an album, she entered the studio and recorded, what we know today as "Tidal". "My album is called Tidal partly because all this has hit me like a tidal wave but also because "tidal" refers to ebbing and flowing, and that's really what life is, a constant ebb and flow."-Fiona says.

In 1999 Fiona released When the Pawn, the second of her two albums. This CD is to be more dark than the first. Well this diva has made a big impact on the music industry, and we can just wait to see what is to follow this second album.

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