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Written by Aaron Lewicki

D'arcy is well known for her bass-playing in the band "Smashing Pumpkins". She grew up with her mother, father, and two sisters in Michigan. As a child D'arcy enjoyed gymnastics and playing the violin and oboe. Unlike the majority of girls in Michigan, D'Arcy participated in games and activities with the boys, while all the other girls were busy playing with dolls. D'Arcy was more of a tom-boy growing up.

In 1986 D'Arcy graduated from Mohr High School. D'arcy got into a bad car accident that year and severely hurt her leg. Surgery was required to fix the injured leg.

During her high school years D'arcy was influenced by the bands "Duran Duran" and "Depeche Mode". She played in several cover bands over the next few years.

After high-school she went to Paris and when she returned to the US she found herself stranded at the O'Hare Airport in Chicago. She aimlessly wandered the city for a while and liked it so much she decided that she no longer wanted to live in Michigan. She moved in with her sister for a while.

One night while in a local bar, D'arcy and a friend were talking about a band they just saw, and a man(Billy Corgan) nosed into their conversation and decided to give them his two cents on the band. That lead to a big argument and almost a fight in the bar. In the end D'arcy blurted out something about her playing the bass. Billy replied that he was in a band and needed a bass player. He gave her his number and told her to call and drop by for an audition. She was really nervous about the audition and could barely hold her instrument properly. Billy accepted her into the band anyways as the band needed a bass player desperately.

One major set-back to D'arcy being in the band was that she had to sneak out of the house to go to practice, due to the fact that she lived with her boss. The band began to get more popular and started to play gigs at local bars and clubs. "I was never friends with the name. It's a stupid name, a bad joke,"-D'arcy says.

D'arcy soon moved in with the guitar from her current band, James Iha. The two had been dating for a while already. The "Pumpkins" soon signed with Virgin Records and released 1991's "Gish". Following that release in 1993 we saw "Siamese Dream". The band was getting more popular and was starting to get radio and MTV support.

D'arcy an...

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... d James started their own label, "Scratchie Records". The company's moto is,"We won't fuck you over". In 1995, the "Pumpkins" made history. Their first double album "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" brought them out into the open. The band got their first taste of mainstream success. That album was the best selling double album in music history! The band released "Adore" in 1998. The much hyped album debuted on the charts at number 1.

"It's beautiful music and sort of timeless. It's just beautiful music,"-D'arcy says.

D'arcy is a major role in her bands success, and we can only wait and see what D'arcy will have in store for us next album.

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