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Forgiven Not Forgotten [1996]

1 :: Erin Shores
2 :: Forgiven Not Forgotten
3 :: Hevean Knows
4 :: Along With The Girls
5 :: Someday
6 :: Runaway
7 :: The Right Time
8 :: The Minstrel Boy
9 :: Toss The Feathers
10 :: Love To Love You
11 :: Secret Life
12 :: Carraroe Jig
13 :: Closer
14 :: Leave Me Alone
15 :: Erin Shore

Date: 1996
Genre: ROCK
Category: Rock/Pop

Andrea Corr : Tin Whistle, Vocals
Caroline Corr : Bodhran, Drums, Vocals
Jim Corr : Guitar, Keyboard Programming, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Vocals
Sharon Corr : Violin, Vocals
Noel Eccles : Celtic Drum
David Foster : Keyboards
Simon Phillips : Drums
Michael Thompson : Guitar
Bill Whelan : Celtic Drum

Production Credits:
Richard Bates : Art Direction
Andrew Boland : Engineer
Bob Clearmountain : Mixing
Jim Corr : Arranger, Producer
The Corrs : Main Performer
Noel Eccles
Felipe Elgueta : Engineer
David Foster : Arranger, Producer, String Arrangements
Simon Franglen : Synclavier Programming
Ryan Freeland : Mixing Assistant
Guzman/Rotterdam Conservatory Orquesta Tipica : Photography
Brian K. Lee : Assistant Mastering Engineer
Bob Ludwig : Mastering
Dave Reitzas : Engineer, Mixing
Bill Whelan

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