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Written by Aaron Lewicki

The Corrs all grew up in a small town in Ireland. The band describes the town as a place where 'everyone knows everyone.' The band grew up surrounded by music, and that is where their love for music began. With their parents playing in a local band, the young Corrs were basically living in a house of music. The Corrs grandfather gave Gerry Corr(father) a large piano as a wedding gift, and the young Corrs began playing on the piano endlessly. Once Gerry Corr realized the potential they had, due to their young age and love for music he began placing his children in piano lessons.

Jim Corr was the first to master the talent of playing the piano, and he tried to share his talents with his younger siblings. Jim also learned how to play guitar. When Jim turned 14 he started to play gigs with his parents at local pubs/bars.

Inspiration and encouragement of their parents led the teenage-music buffs to start their own band. They played out of Jim's room, with the young girls practicing harmonies and what-not on vocals. As Sharron fiddled, Andrea would write lyrics, leaving the keyboarding to Caroline and Jim. The band began to develop a new sound in music, and kept on practicing. They got their big break on an audition for a screenplay of a novel, and all 4 of them were casted. Onlooker Jim Hughes remembers "I was all for it as I had already envisaged us doing something like this for quite some time. It just needed somebody like John to put things into motion." The band began playing tons of live shows all over the town(homework permitting), to get some live experience, in local bars and small clubs.

The band played their first official show in 1993 @ the Whealans Music Bar. The band played a stellar show, and were asked to play a gig in Boston for the 1994 World Cup Celebration. The band accepted, and extended their trip to include a visit to New York City. After their gig in New York the band camped outside the Hit Factory in attempts to meet producer David Foster. The band and Jim Hughes managed to get through security(while producing michael jackson's latest album), and then Hughes persuaded Foster to meet and listen to the band. He gave the band an audition, and they played their hearts out. It worked, because the producer was very impressed with the talent this band posessed.

The producer agreed to work on their first full-length album with...

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... them. The band signed a record deal the next day, and then spent the next 6 months in Malibu recording the album. Their debut release "Forgiven not Forgotten" was a huge success internationally. The album went platinum eight times in Australia and nine times platinum in Ireland. With an ever-growing fanbase, the band was on their way to stardorm.

The band released their second album "Talk on Corners" in 1997, and the album was a huge success globally. The band toured all over the world, and promoted their second release. The Corrs are one of the biggest and most-selling international artists of all time. Now featuring the Corrs on AbsoluteDivas.com!

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