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Amanda Marshall [1996]

1 :: Beautiful Goodbye
2 :: Birmingham
3 :: Dark Horse
4 :: Fall From Grace
5 :: Last Exit To Eden
6 :: Let It Rain
7 :: Let's Get Lost
8 :: Promises
9 :: Sitting On Top Of The World
10 :: Trust Me This Is Love

Date: 1996
Genre: ROCK
Category: Rock/Pop

Kenny Aronoff : Drums, Percussion
Tommy Byrnes : Guitar (Electric)
Diana DeWitt : Vocals (Background)
Erika Duke-Kirkpartick : Cello
Peter Kent : Violin
Bob Mann : Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
Amanda Marshall : Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Tim Pierce : Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Lee Sklar : Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Leland Sklar : Bass
Louis Taylor : Sax (Soprano)
Dave Tyson : Keyboards, Vocals (Background)
David Tyson : Keyboards, Vocals (Background)
T-Bone Walker : Accordion
David Wipper : Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin
Tom "T-Bone" Wolk : Accordion

Production Credits:
Michael Brauer : Mixing
Bruck Dawit : Mixing Assistant
Tony De Franco : Assistant Producer
Steve Gallagher : Mixing Assistant
Scott Hull : Mastering
Michael Lattonzi : Engineer
Chris Lord-Alge : Mixing
Amanda Marshall : Main Performer
Dave Tyson : Producer, Programming
David Tyson : Producer, Programming
Howard Willing : Assistant Engineer
Brian Young : Assistant Engineer

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