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Written by Aaron Lewicki and JP Larocque

Born in Ottawa, Canada, Alanis grew up in a close and supportive family. Within that protective environment, and at the very tender age of eight years old, Alanis showed an interest and talent for music. Inspired by Olivia Newton-John, Alanis began to write her own tunes. "I started writing songs when I was really little because there were things I could say through songs that I couldn't verbalize any other way. Writing was something I had to do,"Alanis stated in an interview. Always ambitious, she would often set goals for herself, and upon achieving what she desired, she realized that anything was attainable with hard work.

At age ten, Alanis tried out for a part in the television show, "You Can't Do That on Television,"a sketch comedy series that showcased her acting skills . In spite of the show's popularity, Alanis left the show after a two year run to pursue a singing career. Using all the money she had earned from her stint on television, she quickly set up a recording company, off which to promote and market her own albums. This payed off, as two years later Alanis attracted the attention of a large Canadian record company. She eventually signed with them.

Though her early albums were greeted with much success, Alanis was not happy with this. "Back then I was a lot more worried about people's perceptions of me. I wanted approval, so I came across as happy. But really, I was quite insecure and not as prepared to share as much of myself with people as I am now," Alanis commented in regards to her early dance albums..

Five years later at age nineteen, Alanis moved to Los Angeles. She was determined to make it as an international singer, but her own, mature terms. This time she wanted her songs to be as true to her personality and emotions as possible. After many futile attempts, Alanis got the big break she was looking for. She signed with the then upstart Maverick Records, a label created by Madonna. The 1995 release of her album, "Jagged Little Pill" was an instant hit across Canada and the US. Her breakthrough single, "You Oughta Know" became an anthem for dumped females worldwide, and established Alanis as the spearhead of a female musical movement. The album eventually went on to sell eighteen million copies worldwide, and she garnered numerous awards, including four Grammys, and two MTV Video Award...

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Out of the spotlight, Alanis prefers to keep her personal life separate from her career. "The whole celebrity thing is not something I'm overly interested in,"she states. "I just don't pop up at parties. It's just not my thing."

In the year 1999, Alanis released her second international album, "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie" While still holding true to her style of "honest lyrics", this album rooted itself away from the anger that had pervaded the first release, replaced here with a deep consciousness in religion and faith. This new-found focus Alanis gained during the spiritual journies she took during the downtime after "Jagged Little Pill." The album was greeted with moderate success. Since the release of "Infatuation Junkie," Alanis has continued to delve into acting - both in a cameo in the film, "Dogma," and in a stint in the controversial play, "The Vagina Monologues." She is very thankful to her fans for helping her get where she is today. "I don't know where I would be without the fans - probably somewhere reading a book," she jokes. Although projecting the image of a seasoned veteran, it is hard to believe that her career in the music business has just begun. With so much promise, who knows where this artist will take us next.

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